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Nigerian Govt should make visible effort to stop Fraud -
by Tom Yablonski, USA

Your government really needs to put some effort into stopping the fraud scams out of Nigeria. I've received several emails from the scam artist for my Corvette that is listed on the Internet. I'd be more than willing to help catch these crooks. There scam is to offer a purchase of your vehicle and then send a check for over the amount and ask that you wire the difference back to them. I'd be willing to set up a wire to these people if your police can be there to catch them when they try to receive the Western Union wire.



Stimulating Manufacturing in SMEs and Targeting Non-oil Export Markets. - 
By Eugene A. Nzeribe, Canada

Invite and contract with several industrial/manufacturing engineering companies (local and foreign) to assist manufacturing SMEs in the various states/zones of Nigeria to improve the quality and quantity of their finished products towards international standards. This may involve acquisition of new tools and machinery, merger with complementary firms, training & technology transfer. Various forms of capital project financing may be required. The ultimate aim will be to make the factories “export ready” within the shortest space of time.

2) GET EXPERTS TO MARKET “made-in-Nigeria”:
Once a Nigerian factory’s output is comparable to products found on store shelves in the USA and other developed countries, the Nigerian consumer will switch from buying expensive foreign imports. Even at very high quality, the “made-in-Nigeria” will be considerably cheaper because of the currently lower factory wages in Nigeria. This will result in an increased local and foreign markets demand and consequently more factory expansion. Government should encourage factories to engage local and international marketing experts to represent and promote their high quality products in Nigeria and around the world.

Eugene Nzeribe, President and CEO
Globe Marketing International, Canada
P.O.Box 26012, Ottawa, Ontario,
Canada K2H 9R6

Nigerian leadership must look into problems frustrating small entrereneurs - From: Ariyo Falae, USA

I do not belived that there is a web site like this. Nigeria doesn't need an MIT graduates to help the economy but the honest one to captain the ship. I am of the opinion that every mathematics problem must have a correct answer but Nigeria is seek of leadership.

I have made two attempts to start a manufacturing industry in Nigeria but could not take off because the custom and the police will want their share in industry that has not taken off. Politicians want theirs too, etc.

For just your suggestion request:
1) Nigeria port authority's (custom) corruption is stinking to heaven.
It's too frustrating to suggest any thing to any Nigeria E mail address because this is just like a waist of time.
I do not know you but you might be an ordinary figure whose duty is to theorise this requst only to be as bad as Nigeria .Accept my apology if am at fault.

Ariyo Falae


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