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Globe Marketing International Corp, (Globe Corporation) is a Canadian company with considerable experience in international trade, investments, export-import, manufacturing and business development, particularly in Africa. We have identified several highly profitable investment opportunities in Nigeria, in specific projects, that would enable sharp investors to make good returns on their investments. For business people looking for new market to sell to, invest into and or to manufacture in, Nigeria has the right scenario today.  

Globe Corporation is therefore looking for investors who would support the various projects that are currently being considered. (see list below). Each one of these projects is expected to yield a minimum of 30% gross profit per year, over the next 5 years. Some could easily generate over 50% starting with the very first year. 

Proposed arrangement. Investor will invest into specific project. For example, if you invest  $100,000 today in any project listed, you should expect a minimum of $30,000 profit back as gross profit at the end of 12 months from start of project.

Investors are being sought for these projects in 2006 - 2007.

Project No Project  Capital US$ Target Market
10600 Wholesale distribution $1,000,000 Local 
10601 Hotel Development $5,000,000 Local
10602 Alternate Energy Market Development $2,500,000 Local & Export
10500 Cassava Flour Plant $1,000,000 Local Bakery
10501 Food Processing & Packaging $1,250,000 Local & Export
10400 Residential Estate Development $2,500,000 Local 
10201 Manufacture of Clothing items $1,500,000 Local & Export
10209 Manufacture of Furniture $600,000 Local & Export
10212 Pineapple farm $300,000 Local & Export
10215 Factory Improvement Engineering Services $500,000 Local
10217 Computer Trades Training School  $300,000 Local
10219 Internet Provider Services $300,000 Local
10223 Solid Waste Management $600,000 Local
Hundreds of other opportunities are available. To participate and or seek additional information, please send your project idea or suggestion to us through the address below.

The Director
Globe Marketing International Corp, Canada
P.O. Box 26012, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K2H 9R6
Tel: 613-270-9800,  
(Email):       (website):



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